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Antero Automotive & Truck Services - 4 Wheel Drive Repair, Service and Maintenance

Drive in all types of weather on all types of terrain safely and confidently with the help of Antero Automotive's 4 wheel drive repair, service and maintenance services.

4 Wheel Drive: A Feature For All Seasons

In Greenwood Village, major snowfall, wet roads, and icy driving conditions are just a few of the scenarios that drivers are met with over the course of any given year.


Fortunately, with 4 wheel drive, terms like "changing weather" and "snowy conditions" don't have quite the same ominous ring to them. This is because when you have 4 wheel drive, your vehicle is sending power to all of your wheels, giving your tires more traction and better grip on the road as you drive.

Greenwood Village 4 Wheel Drive Repair, Service, and Maintenance

Although 4 wheel drive is a feature that makes a driver's life easier, it's still a system that needs to be looked after and maintained.


Tasks that have to be done regularly to maintain optimal performance include:

  • Fluid draining
  • Inspections
  • Lock lubrication...and more


In addition, sometimes there's damage to a car's 4 wheel drive that may require more extensive repair work.

Professional 4 Wheel Drive Services in Greenwood Village

Antero Automotive has been offering 4 wheel drive repair, service, and maintenance to Greenwood Village residents since 2008.


Whether you're looking for general maintenance, an annual servicing, or your vehicle is need of intensive repairs, we can do it all.


Contact us to find out more about our services.