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Bringing the Romance (With a Pandemic On)

Photo by Satya Tiwari on Pixabay


It’s a shame, but this might be one of the least enthusiastic Valentine’s Days on record, with the pandemic and so much in turmoil right now. The most common advice for how to proceed is to stay at home. But there isn’t much advice about what to do to keep spirits up when we’ve spent so long cooped up together that we have started to lose sight of each other.


It’s easy to become complacent in a situation like a pandemic. Some rules structure what you can and can’t do, restrictions on things you might ordinarily do, and cautions and flags all through something as simple as a shopping trip.


But please remember that it is vitally important to keep some semblance of an occasion such as St. Valentine’s Day going. It’s a gauge by which couples measure the interest their partner retains in them. When you consider all the small acts of love most people show their partners day-to-day (bringing a coffee, looking after a misplaced item, compliments we give each other), it’s essential that on special occasions, we come through, even if we must scale it back for the pandemic.


When thinking about how to be romantic with a partner in the new norm, consider the things you can do that are less grand but impactful:


  • Share one another’s chores. Spending time together helps you reconnect and remember why you chose each other in the first place. Doing chores together in service to each other is a bonding experience.

  • Make it personal. By some construction paper, write a poem, and make a Valentine’s Day card uniquely from you to your partner. Reference a private joke. Put some sincere thought into how important your partner is, and express the idea to them. 

  • Take each other out. Find a place to go for a few hours, if only to get away from the house together. Drive-in theaters offer a great getaway and the safety of your car. When nothing else makes sense, having a partner to go somewhere with is something to be protected. A short drive to a park might be all you need to restore some warmth.


We hope this Valentine’s Day is special for you and your partner. But don’t forget to show love to your vehicle! If your car hasn’t had an inspection in some time, make sure you bring your vehicle to Antero for a check soon!


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