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Oil Changes & Fluid Exchange Services

Standard lube oil filter
Includes: up to 5 quarts synthetic blend 5w30, NAPA Premium oil filter, complete vehicle inspection, check and top off all under hood fluids, rotate tires, and a car wash

Full Synthetic oil change
Includes: up to 5 quarts synthetic oil, NAPA Premium oil filter, complete vehicle inspection check and top off all under hood fluids, rotate tires, and a car wash (Mobil 1 add 7.00)

Fluid Services:

Transmission Fluid Flush-
15 Quarts of synthetic OEM spec transmission fluid plus BG Transmission cleaner/ conditioner. This service completely exchanges the transmission fluid in the transmission case, torque converter, valve body and transmission cooler(s). Transmission fluid can break down over time due too excessive heat. The break down or lack of lubricity of transmission fluid can lead to major transmission failure.

Transmission Filter Service:
Replace pan gasket and filter, 5-7 Quarts of OEM spec synthetic transmission fluid.

Cooling System Flush:
Complete Coolant Exchange using manufacturer specific coolant plus 2 Part BG System cleaner/ conditioner. This service flushes the engine block, heater core and radiator. Overtime, the coolant in your vehicle can become corrosive causing damage to vital components like head gaskets, intake gaskets and radiators.

Brake System Flush:
Complete Fluid exchange using DOT 3 or DOT 4 Brake Fluid. Performing this service extends the life of the brake systems’ hydraulic components and improves brake pedal feel.

Fuel Injection Service:
3 Part Injection Cleaner includes throttle body cleaning/ injector and intake cleaning/ BG 44K cleaner for the fuel supply system

Power Steering System Flush:
Complete fluid exchange using BG system cleaner and fully synthetic power steering fluid that removes harmful particles and debris from the power steering system.

Direct-Injection (GDI) Service:
Three part BG Chemical Treatment to clean the carbon build up in the combustion chamber that can lead to poor idle quality or misfires especially when the engine is cold.